From Terror to Triumph DVD Series

I’ve been working on a video project for American Vision for since September 27 2007, and we just completed it two days ago. The final product is at the duplicators as I write and we expect to have the DVD set in the first week of December. You can imagine that it is a huge relief not to think about the video anymore.

But it’s also a very good video series, if I may say so myself. It is a 12-part DVD series called From Terror to Triumph, and the video below is a preview (low quality—sorry, I’m working on that) of Part 8 in the series. beneath the video you can read the description to the series. I’d like to know what you think, so please leave a comment. Thanks!

About this DVD Series: Prepare for a thrilling journey through the greatest triumphs over the most brutal terrors that have faced Western Civilization. From Terror to Triumph unveils the strategies, heroes and miracles that have defeated the seemingly unstoppable forces of evil through the ages. Christian servant leaders conquered 4,000 years of pagan tyranny with their faith and their blood. Marshall’s passionate insights will put a fire in your soul and a proven strategy in your mind to triumph over the terrors of our time and restore our civilization.

Topics Include: 

  • How religious castaways throughout history have taken third world cultures to the heights of civilization.
  • The strategy for building a prosperous and free society with your cihldren and your wife.
  • How to uncover the secrets of winning against terror at all odds.
  • How terror and evil always backfire on the agents of evil.
  • How to develop a biblical and historical confidence to restore every institution and see America become a “city on a hill” again.

Retail: $59.95 • Holiday Price: $39.95Pre-Order at The American Vision online store.


2 thoughts on “From Terror to Triumph DVD Series

  1. My comment is a simple thank you for posting the information about the “From Terror to Triumph” DVD series. I just returned from a conference on the Sovereignty of God and browsing through the internet saw this. I have ordered it from American Vision and look forward to viewing a bit of true American history before the current Obama Administration completely rewrites it to become of Islamic origin. God forbid!

  2. I am going to order the set today. I was really happy to see there were study materials to go with it. I think it was very smart to post them online without having to purchase the set first. I googled for more sample clips but was disappointed to only find a couple.

    Looks like Glenn Beck is making progress. My ivy-league-educated, non-believing brother has been watching Beck’s “Civics class” shows every night and actually said to me something like ‘did you know our government is designed for a moral population and can’t work without it?’ It looks like getting this type of information out will make a big difference for good.

    Thanks for doing this work; I look forward to seeing it.

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