Good Will Toward Men

It has been the busiest holiday season to date for me and my small family. Still, I notice the people around me, what they are up to, and how people in general are just nicer this time of year. True, the shopping craze might get the better of people and bring the worst out of people, but in general, people are just nicer.

I think it has to do with the music. People are used to listening to a variety of depressing and “man against the odds” type music 11 months out of the year, and for one month they tune into jolly, folksy, and “good cheer” tunes. Up beat music is all around, and it’s bound to have a positive effect. A shame there isn’t more cheerful music for all occasions year round.

I think it has to do with the traditional gatherings. People are inherently social and driven to have relationship. God just made us that way, and there’s no other time of year that we socialize all with a common goal of bonding and renewal.

But more than just the music and family togetherness, I think it has a lot to do with your outlook of the world—what you believe. People that don’t know what to do with themselves—without faith—can celebrate Santa Claus, but inevitably, the holiday is empty without the celebration of Jesus coming (yes, I know he wasn’t born on December 25th); with Santa and all all other approaches.

So it’s the joy of His people that are ultimately spreading the cheer. Knowing you have something to celebrate that has really impacted the world and your family makes it all matter. This flows out of Christendom and purmeates civilization all about us this time of year, and it even gives reason/motivation to the unbelievers to enjoy the season too. It’s nice to see Christianity leading the way in this small, but very significant, manner every year.