A Christmas Carol Audio Dramatization

The classic work by Dickens, A Christmas Carol, is one of the most recognized pieces of english literature in America. There are more than a dozen screen adaptations, plays, and books that play up unique perspectives and approaches to the classic itself. But, have you ever read the original book?

I designed the cover.

I designed the cover.

Do you know that there are several Christian themes all throughout it? Granted, Dickens’ economic socialism is there too, but in large part he was telling a story in a time of history that was mainly Christian in nature. English civilization was reaping the benefits of a Christian worldview, and this was profiting all areas of life. Christian culture was in the air and one of the reasons the book was so successful. The general nature of “good will towards men” is a Christian concept.

I’ve had the privilege of co-working on a production of the book for audio dramatization. Steve Cook of Five Talents Audio produced an unabridged dramatization with sound effects, music, character voices, and narration of the works entirety. The finish time-length of the program is approximately 4 hours. What I did for the product was design the casing and CDs labeling.

I got to take a listen to it and it’s superb. Steve has a great voice for his authentic treatment of the story. There are elements to the story you miss when watching a movie with or without movie narration. With the dramatization you know that you’re getting the original work without alteration. Dickens is usually more witty than I’d given him credit for before listening to the adaptation.

You can get the audiobook via American Vision’s online store.