Book Review: 48 Liberal Lies About American History

There are quite a few trying to twist history for their own benefit. When it is convenient to make a conservative look like a bad guy, liberals will doctor up history to push their own agenda. Of course, I think that liberals will also do this sort of thing to their own—liberals will back-bite other liberals if it will help them in their cause today.

Front Cover

Front Cover

Of course revisionist history is not limited to liberal efforts. Twisting history is rather common among professional historians these days of all political backgrounds. Whatever their motive, they are not interested in the integrity of history. You could say these people are better storytellers than historians professionally. I admire their creativity. I have great disdain for their attempt to remold facts. I don’t mind learning that a group or individual has done something wrong if it is historically relevant and true. Just don’t dish out to me and the ignorant masses your lies to perpetuate your schemes—it is a scheme if you cannot find an honest method to make your mission possible without lying to the masses.

An excellent book that was recently released on this subject is 48 Liberal Lies about American History. This book topically hits 48 specific lies liberals perpetuate from the founding of America all the way up through recent events like 9/11. It keeps to the subjects and knocks them out concisely in a short number of pages for each lie. It would be good to have a general knowledge of American history going into reading the book, but nevertheless I think people rusty on history would still enjoy the book.

It’s also a great looking book. I love the cover. I didn’t have anything to do with it. :-) I’m not sure if there is a paperback, but definitely get the hardback with the dust jacket. It’s very attractive from all sides, and the pages open up nicely so you don’t have to fight the book to keep it open as you read.

Some of the Lies addressed:
• The founders wanted to create a “wall of separation” between church and state
• Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation only because he needed black soldiers
• Truman ordered the bombing of Hiroshima to intimidate the Soviets with “atomic diplomacy”
• Mikhail Gorbachev, not Ronald Reagan, was responsible for ending the Cold War

You get the idea. It has a great deal to do with wars, presidents, property, and international relationships.

All of author Larry Schweikart’s refutations of the lies are well documented and legit. I may differ on him with an item or two—like whether some of the lies may be labeled liberal ones—but the facts are all clean (no revisionist history in the process of refuting revisionist history).

You can find the book for sale by most booksellers. It is also available through the ministry American Vision where I work and found out about the book. I trust you check into it soon. It would be good as a gift if it doesn’t suit you topically as a read for yourself.