Role Models in a Role Modeless Society

Raised in a Christian home with a great home-education, I was introduced to several great examples of character. Not all had to be Christian, nor did they have to be perfect. The examples of quality were all unique in their own way. Some were successful in business—others in family. The honorable qualities from each man and women from history was gleaned and applied to my life. However, this is not the norm for young people’s education today. Most families have great difficulty finding role models for their children.

I heard some rambling about the issue on a morning radio show. The hosts were interviewing young people about the role models they had that have let them down. All of the role models sighted were presently well-known. Of course, these young people didn’t have role models from history or their family. Most of their inspiration in life were pop culture individuals of fame and fortune. Not one of these examples that were once admired by the young people were known for character (responsibility, virtue, wisdom, etc.) in any way.

This was to the dismay of the youth and the adults on the show. This is not unusual. Many are bemoaning that few can be found of character or upstanding morality in the news and entertainment. I would hope that people would realize they’re looking for role models in the wrong place. Regrettably, people don’t usually see the light and look for heroes in the right places. The truth is America will not find much of any role models in this generation unless they are close to home—if that.

Where to find role models these days

It’s time to revisit history. Times have always been filled with bad examples, but every now and then there are unique individuals that we can admire. They don’t all need to be from your country, century, or creed. The important thing is from any time, place or background, the heroes we come across should model God-honoring qualities.

Another place to look is within the family tree. Examples to follow may be very difficult to find within the family, but if they can be found they can be some of the most influential. Even better, if they are stilling living you can be more involved with your role models.

From the Bible there are many examples for us of imperfect heroes. It is good to note that note every role model—any, for that matter—is going to be “perfect.” Any man or women of the human race (with one exception) is going to be flawed and sinful. This should not deter us from finding the qualities worth relating to and appreciating.

Within the Church one hopes there are some Godly individuals you can imitate. If you know none, you may be in the wrong church or need to get active in one. Same is true amongst your friends. Hopefully your closest circle of friends are people you trust and admire. Iron can sharpen iron best if it has close encounters.

And lets not forget your spouse if you have one. It’s a shame that most people overlook their spouse as someone they truly admire. If more did respect and appreciate the qualities of their marital partner, undoubtedly it would have positive ramifications of the whole of their relationship and productivity.