Book Review: The New Media Frontier

Even if you’re the most disinterested individual in the Internet frontier you’re still going to hear about it everywhere you turn. So many people have the trivial pursuit to know the latest craze or boom of popularity via the cyber world that so many live in. The Internet may be the most powerful tool man has designed in all history. One wonders what could possibly surpass the usefulness of the world-wide web.

For Christians, the Internet is an open playground—well, for all people, for that matter. But particularly for Christians it is a gateway to fulfilling their Christian duties. How so? Well, The New Media Frontier will tell you how and give you the starting point for developing your Internet savvi.

I do recommend the book for folks looking for a Christian perspective of the Internet. I think every Christian over the age of 12 should be familiar with the book’s concepts. In case your wondering, the book covers many practical details you can use to better your web skills whether or not you’re a Christian. The skills and information presented in the book are universal, but the the unique element to this book is the Christian ethic.

Now, I’d like to add to what the book addresses here. One of the strengths of the book is their address of evangelism. That’s thoroughly covered. Discipleship is also touched upon extensively, but one of the books most important points is in that of everyday use of the web. In followup to a recent post I wrote, Christians can perform so many religious-related activities over the Internet one wonders what you can’t do over the internet. Still, there is something that so many Christians overlook.

Christians need to be active in the Internet community—just like everybody else—if they want to make a positive impact on individuals for the glory of God. But when I say “active” I don’t mean preaching, teaching, singing, worshipping or anything related to “churchy” or traditionally labeled “Christian” activities. I mean Christians just need to be involved in everyday web interaction. They need to share business transactions, social networking, community, service, and discussion over the Internet. Why? Because the world is doing this and if we are not present with our subtle influence as simply a positive presence in this world then many may never see a positive example of a Christian in their daily lives.

So many people get their experience of Christianity from negative individuals and encounters. Many Christians don’t put Christianity in the best light and this is regrettable. Christianity is more than just a religion. It is the truth and the best message anyone in the world could ever be told and come to understand. It is the light in this world, and without Christianity it is very likely there would be little of civilization.

Society is built on Christian ideals: truth, justice, mercy, love, charity, responsibility… All good character is an element of God’s nature. Apart from God there are no good qualities. Christians make an impact when they don’t even know it.

For this reason, the Internet is a powerful tool that can be used to exemplify Christian maturity with a “good will towards men” attitude. Christians can give hope with their charitable and friendly nature (if the individual Christian will practice one).

On the other hand, if you call yourself a Christian but you are not consistently walking the faith then please turn your life around before you take action. Please restore your relationship to your Creator and revive the purpose He has given you. If you want to make any sort of difference in society, a prerequisite for all Christendom is a love relationship constantly active between the individual and the Lord.

Back on topic (pardon that rabbit trail) the book is a good read. But if you’re going to read it read it soon before the information becomes outdated and irrelevant. Because the scope of the book is limited in this regard, I give it 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a good read, but you better get it while it still matters to where the Internet is today.