Everyone Should Have a Plan B Job

In the economic downturn we’re in, or anytime for that matter, we can never be too sure about our job security. Ideally, employers would always have loyal employees, and employees would have loyal employers. This is not often the case, and the impact on household or business can be devastating. Thus it is a prudent move to always have an escape plan. An alternative to the way you know and live your life. A means of supporting your business or personal employment if all doesn’t go as planned. This is, of course, often referred to as a “Plan B.”I’ve been in search for the right Plan B for more than a year now. Actually, the job I have at the moment was a Plan Z when I got it. Seriously, it was the last place I thought of come short of applying at every department store and fast-food joint. American Vision was very kind to see my potential. At the time, I wasn’t adept to the responsibilities I would be responsible for in the graphic design and video department. I’ve come a long way since then, and mastered all I need to have job security at AV for years to come.

So now I look for a Plan B, and maybe even a Plan C, so I’m not caught off gaurd looking for Plan R, S, and T again. I may not have to make a serious switch fulltime for another decade, but what if…

  • The economy should take a surprising turn for even a worse situation than it is already in?
  • I should become unable to work here due to family crisis like an accident?
  • OR, better yet, I should find that Plan B is more sustaining than where I work currently?

“What?” You say. “You’d leave the comfort and security where you are now if Plan B was more lucrative; beneficial to your wealth, health, and happiness?” Yes, of course. And perhaps that’s what I’m really looking for—where God would take me if I’ve served my time where I am now and there’s new challenges and benefits he should have awaiting for me.

But one doesn’t just stumble across the perfect Plan B job fit the first time he looks. As I’ve said, I’ve been looking for some time, and in that time I’ve considered everything from being an author to opening a gun range. I had to consider everything possible till I found something exceptional, and I believe I may have found what that is for me.

I was with my wife at home late January when we were given a presentation in-home of a product by Rainbow Air—or, a product called the Rainbow by Rex Air, LLC to be more specific. I was told beforehand what I was getting into. I didn’t think we’d buy anything that night going into it. Then, coming out of it, not only did I buy the excellent product, but I was convinced I found Plan B.

Rainbow is an air purifier and vacuum. What’s important to note is I have more than ten years experience in the cleaning business, and there is no other air purifier or vacuum cleaner that can compete with this machine. Besides the machine, the representative of the distribution company was pleasant and didn’t pressure us with a “hard sell.” She was off our backs the entire time and when it was all said and done my wife and I really felt like we’d made a new friend. I thought to myself, “that’s the kind of roll I’m looking for. A position where I can meet people, introduce them to something I like and use, and possibly make friends.” For me, Rainbow was my obvious choice for Plan B.

Anyone’s Plan B should sustain yourself as good if not better than how you live in the here and now. It should be considered carefully, and you should get advice on it from those you trust. But I implore you: find the right Plan B for yourself, and don’t hesitate to start looking now. Millions have lost their jobs in the past year, and more will follow. If these had a plan they’d fall back on, is there any doubt the economy would be back on the rebound much sooner? If people would take just a little time out of their busy lives to plan for the unimaginable, people could live unimaginably better than they are today.

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  2. Interesting. I prefer to sell within the company to offer the support and warranties that come with the Rainbow products. But I guess to each his own and what matters to them.

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