The Case for America’s Christian Heritage: Volume 2

I am in production for the last half of The Case for America’s Christian Heritage DVD lecture series. I would say that I am almost half way through the trenches. Since this is a second volume, I am able to take much of what I created for the first and use it in the second as a template.

The following is a low-res trailer for Volume 1 I directed in September of 2009:

For this volume, I wanted to give the little things a facelift. Transitions are cleaner, The speaker’s shirts don’t flicker when he moves (as they did in the first volume), and background images are more consistent. Each of the five lectures is an average of 30 minutes in length, and I will say well worth their market value in content. Gary DeMar, the speaker, knows his subject matter well, and there is no mistaking the historical relevance of Christianity in this country by the end of the series. Christianity is all throughout the civil realm well into the 20th century.

This series, while not especially related to the topics of my blog, is a reflection of American culture past. History is written by those that do something in history — not by those that history forgets. Surprisingly, Christianity has been incredibly influential through the years in this country, and if it weren’t for Christian standards, even from professing godless founders and civil leaders of the past, we wouldn’t be America as we know it today.

Christians should remember the open standard of culture-making our forefathers led to conceive of this civil body. We should not forget the importance of our cultural impact on all citizens.

For more information about the series, specifically Volume 1 which is currently available, visit the product page at