Photoshop Turns 20 Years Old

I began using Adobe Photoshop in the mid nineties with my computer whiz next door neighbor to guide me. I had in mind to invent a company for graphic imagery production, and I called the corporation Prime Images (named after my favorite Autobot). My neighbor sat down with me at his computer and showed me the wonders of this application called Photoshop. In no time, he had made me a logo in a sophisticated black text with what looked like a blue comet forming the dot on the “i” in “Prime.” I just knew that I needed to get my hands on a copy of Photoshop, and I did. It was the best investment in my life up to 13 years of age. By the time I was 15, I had a rudimentary knowledge of the application and began learning to apply it to professional work.

Although Prime Images never got off the runway, I wouldn’t have had work for the last eight years if it wasn’t for Photoshop. Much of my portfolio has consisted of art and graphic design I am able to produce only because of this Adobe application. Photoshop, has been a real life and culture-changing product for the world of art and myself. Nearly every graphic image today has been touched by Photoshop at one point or other before it hits the market.

And it’s a great thing that Photoshop replaced the difficult and tedious image editing process that proceeded it. Think about how complicated it was to create sophisticated image edits in the lab before Photoshop’s time! Thomas and John Knoll’s ingenuity revolutionized marketing, entertainment, art, education, and thus, just about everything in life; all with Photoshop.

The Knoll’s good idea turned into a good tool. Over the last twenty years Photoshop became a great tool, has provided countless jobs, vastly improved communications, sold more products, and stirred up the way we do just about everything in western civilization. I tip my hat to the Knolls and Adobe respectively.

If you want to read more about Photoshop and it’s 20 birthday, an excellent article on the subject is to be found in the March 2010 issues of Macworld magazine.


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