Announcing the History Unwrapped YouTube Series

Gary DeMar, president of American Vision (where I work) orchestrated the production of a educational radio history program between 2005 and 2007. The one-minute radio program aired on stations all over the country. It was one of our all-time most successful ventures with more than 140 episodes in all exploring the ins and outs of rare stories from all corners of history.

Today, I am pleased to announce that History Unwrapped has a new lease on life! It’s radio days are over, but even better, the series is back in style as a video program on YouTube. The following are the first three shows remastered into video:

We are editing the original shows audio and video to bring them together for this adaptation of the program. Eventually, American Vision will bring the series to DVD in seasons with collections of 24 episodes or so. You can also watch them from

If you would like to be a helping part of the H.U. community, comment on the episodes there, give episodes your star rating, and just generally offer your feedback. I’d love to hear from our viewing audience. This is one of the most exciting productions I’ve undertaken, and I think most anyone would enjoy the bite-size tasty morsels the series will offer. Oh, and share a link to the YouTube channel or this post with your friends—and thanks for watching!