There’s Room for Every Book and Tablet

Christians collect ways to read the Word of God. We have family Bibles, pocket Bibles, and personal Bibles. When we’re on a trip, we read from the smallest Bible we can carry that’s legible. When we’re in the comfort of home and have ample room to spare, we have family devotions from the family heirloom edition. When we’re in church, we read along with the preacher from our average-sized personal edition—not too weighty and not too small.

This is true of all books. We have many shaped and sized editions of all our favorite literary works. This is now happening to our computing device options.

Tablet computers, like the Apple iPad, fill an empty slot for our computing needs. when we’re traveling we carry with us a phone and iPod, or better yet, a smartphone. We don’t want to be weighted down. When we’re in the home/office, we go to the powerful desktops to be more productive than we can be with a phone. If we’re stuck at a conference… well, you get the idea.

Laptops are the equivalent of a sturdy hardback edition to the tablet being the reader-friendly paperback edition of the same book (yes, this is a metaphor). The tablet is simpler, lighter, more durable (in that way more like hardbacks…) to laptops and all in all what you want to take with you on the go over the laptop (hardback).

The market is changing, but change doesn’t mean replacing. Many speculators think that tablets and e-book readers will be the death of books and paper. Oh, on the contrary. People want options. We don’t want to be limited. We want to know we can fly, drive, ride the rails, or walk to the Rocky Mountains if we feel like it. And none of the above are about to go away. They may change, but they aren’t going to be replaced. Not anytime soon.