History Unwrapped Updates

I’m very excited to be the directer of the new YouTube show History Unwrapped brought to web viewers by American Vision. History Unwrapped was a radio feature aired during lengthy breaks between other shows. It was in this format for several years. Now, every episode is being re-invented as part of the YouTube series—more than 140 episodes are already in audio format waiting to be turned into videos.

Here’s a few of the latest episodes online:

I think creative programs like this will make a positive impact wherever educators and Christians can incorporate them into history studies. The show is light enough anyone has a minute to sit down and watch a few, and in a short time you can learn so much history that perhaps you forgot in school or simply never learned in the first place. I think videos like these will inevitably become more of a part of a professional educational curriculum as newer technologies are incorporated into academics.

History Unwrapped has not yet been officially brought to the AmericanVision.org web site, so few have found the videos to date. For the meantime, you can expect 1-2 new shows weekly, and when we have a good collection of them available, we will begin making volumes of the show on DVD.