Nathan Clark George Concert

At the Regional Worldview Conference of Morton Illinois I have the privilege of recording then post-producing music videos of Nathan Clark George. He will be posting them from week to week on his YouTube channel. Here is one of them:

I have interacted on a few occasions with Nathan, and I can testify he lives what he sings. He really has a solid worldview, walk with God, and an great family.

Something that I have pondered in the genres for Christian music. I have often wondered what sort of music God likes, and whether we will hear our brand of Christian music in Heaven. Music has come a long way since King David would play on the harp while watching sheep in the Old Testament. Does God like Hebrew music most? Is He partial in any way? I don’t mean on moral grounds—does He simply have His own musical tastes? I can’t wait to find out (and, hopefully, He and I will have something in common in this regard).