An Alternative to Big (Bad) Search Engines

Not picking on any company in particular, I just dislike any business having an inordinate amount of information of my activity. I don’t want my search history available for total strangers to study. A little privacy, please?

So when I can I take advantage of researching topics on an alternative search engine site (something other than Google, Bing, or or the like). I like a small operation (a select few) running a sophisticated search engine that isn’t out to take advantage of my personal history and data… and bombard me with ads. I simply want a… a great alternative.

Introducing Duck Duck Go [link to the search engine]. Don’t let the name mislead you. This small operation (web search engine) is very sophisticated—so easy for new users a young child could handle search from it. Duck Duck Go is effective in finding the most relevant content for my searches most of the time. For instance…

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Let’s say I’m looking up Toy Story 3 (does this ring a bell?). I want to look up general information before I go see the movie. Well, it is very familiar if you are acquainted with other search engines. However, Duck Duck Go is easier to use. I mean it. It is so straight forward.

There is also a whole lot more to the search results than you see in the slideshow above. I recommend you give it a try. It is difficult for some to learn another site, but I think you will most likely have DDG figure out in 3 seconds or less. It’s just simple, straight, and not trying to offer superfluous options you will never use. What you see is all you need for great search with Duck Duck Go.

In fact, my only complaint, perhaps, would be that I know pretty quick whether or not I will be able to find what I’m looking for—thus knowing quickly that my search is in vain at DDG, and finding myself moving on. This of course is actually a blessing, since I don’t spend as much time searching and not finding like I often do on more sophisticated search engines. If I’m going to find it, I find it pretty quickly on Duck Duck Go.

Something that strikes me about DDG, and I hope remains, is the simplicity. DDG doesn’t currently offer image, video, blog, news… and recipe searches right from a link on the main page. You have a simple set of options for the most likely search needs, and you don’t get overwhelmed. I want a search that’s straight forward, and DDG is this.

What’s also good is to see the clean-and-easy-to-find alternatives to Duck Duck Go on the right side (shown in red in the slideshow above). So if your search quarry doesn’t find what you’re looking for, you can narrow it down with the majority of the popular search engines from Duck Duck Go straight to the other site’s search results.


Duck Duck Go has several useful features in spite of being a small operation. I respect the chief engineer behind DDG, Gabriel Weinberg [link to his profile site] for his hard work and design expertise. I hope that Duck Duck Go will be with us for many good years of search to come.