Garadine Graphic Novel

Garadine Graphic Novel
I don’t know much about John Piper, but I hear he’s really good. This is one of his more recent works that intrigues me. I’d like to know what the response is to it.

Graphic comics are an underused medium. I’d like to see other great comics come together in this century, like those of a bygone era our grandparents enjoyed.


One thought on “Garadine Graphic Novel

  1. Wow… I’m intrigued. Authors such as Piper are known for examining truths of deep theology. And when they show that they are not so rigid that they cannot also apply those core, underlying, foundational truths to real life through the stories, it really hits home. Those truths are no longer confined to words and concepts alone, but are shown to blossom out into expressions of reality.
    And using comics is icing on the cake!

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