My Thoughts On Apple’s Mac Updates

Apple announced that many of the qualities of the iOS system (operating system of iPhones, iPads, and iPods) will be integrated into Apple’s next desktop operating system: Mac OS Lion. Read about it here. This is good, but I didn’t think I would like some of their new features till they demo’d them in the presentation.

Of course, for many Apple users the popular updates to Apple’s software will be in iLife. They’ve updated iPhoto, iMovie, and Garageband in some cool ways. Read about those here. I like the updates, but iLife doesn’t get me excited as a video professional. Final Cut Studio runs circles around iLife. Rather, I had hoped for an update to iWork. iWork did not get a mention in the presentation.

Naturally, some of the event will be ridiculed by tech critics. You can’t please the critics, and I simply ignore what they think. These updates are good ones for what Apple’s calling Mission Control, and I look forward to using this improved expose/dashboard/spaces…thing.

Facetime on the desktop? We knew that was coming for sure. It’s nice, and I like video chatting, and this is basically a new way to video chat. What makes it inherently cool is sharing video chats between desktops, iPhones, and iPods.

The App Store for all things Mac? Basically, get your desktop applications from a store application interface like that of the App Store built within iTunes for iOS devices. Clear as mud? If you don’t get that one, you will when you see it. This is good for developers, easy for consumers to use…. Who could ask for anything more? It’s nothing to get excited about, but it is a big step up for desktop computing. So, it is important, if not exciting.

Oh, and one more thing…. Am I interested in the new Macbook Air? My take on it is that it is much better than the previous Macbook Air. Read about it here. It is practical for writers, web surfers, email checkers, todo listers…but ultimately not many professionals. This one is mainly for consumers. It’s slick, better design, energy efficient, and not on my wish list. Maybe someday if I ever get around to a writing career, but that’s not in the foreseeable future.