Nook Gets an Exciting New Model

Nook Gets an Exciting New Model with Color Screen and “Extras”
I was a fan of the original Nook. I saw that in the details B&N was trying not to simply imitate the Kindle, but build their own approach to the eReading market uninhibited by the competition. The Nook is not just a device that lets you read books…anymore. Check out this upcoming holiday release here. After what I said in my last aside below about the Samsung Galaxy, this is….well, simply ironic.

It’s looks by the video that they have a ways to go before they have a video of a functional ptrotype, but if it does most things it claims to do well, this should surpass the Kindle in most every way but readability in sunlight.

I just got to wish the best to B&N, and say, “Here’s to the crazy ones….” They’re going to need it.