Saving Money in the App Store

Nothing is free, right? In spite of all the free offerings on Apple’s App Store. When I shop for apps in the App Store of iTunes and I come across hundreds of ‘free’ apps, I know there is a catch here and there.

Sometimes the apps are just no good.

Thankfully, many apps are somewhat good.

And then there are the exceptionally refined and delicious apps.

Most apps will advertise for their developers’ other apps, or something else entirely different. Occasionally, if it’s a game, there are things you can buy to expand on the games’ basic playability. This can get in the way of usability.

But ads can be okay. Some things supported by ads appeal to me. If the app is robust, does what it says it can do, and the ads are nonintrusive, then I will not suffer by such free apps. I’ll save money  for something worth hard-earned cash another day.

So when do I draw the line? When is it important to me that the app is the ‘full’ version and ad-less? When do I need apps that cost me a few dollars for the best available features and stability?

It’s sort of like finding deal for groceries. Most any product at your grocery store can be had at very little cost if any—coupon moms have proven this. A savvy App Store shopper can find what he wants at the price he wants, usually. This takes effort and time, but if you go into shopping with the right know-how, you can save a lot and get what you’re interested in at a deal price.

This past Black Friday was a case in point. Unbeknownst to the general public, on Black Friday many app developers offered their selections on sale prices for that day only. So if you think of the App Store like you would other markets, you will find similar shopping deals. Save money by shopping smartly.

Just wait. Soon their will be coupon codes and every other form of sales on apps. When you can, “never pay retail,” to quote so many financial advisors.

And for the meantime, check out this ‘free’ app to get started in finding app deals, and check out their awesomely helpful website here.