Final Cut Pro X is Growing in Favor with God and Editors

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Ben Balser just released a tutorial for X. Grant you, he has his product invested in Apple’s new editor, so he is going to like it and promote the professionalism of editors using FCP X. One might question whether he has a serious bias towards Apple’s product because of his considerable investment in it.

Even so, this isn’t to say he is biased. I like what he says in the quotes from this article as he’s taken the time to wrap his mind around the paradigm shift Apple introduced in FCP X. He’s got his head in the game — unlike many pundits that have lashed out at X without giving it thoughtful consideration. Ben notes there are simply significant traits to X that are not conducive for consumers. And the recent free update Apple released fixing various bugs and what-not had everything to do with addressing professional editors concerns — not the whimsies of soccer moms.

Of course, this is just one article that’s extolling FCP X. There are many others. Such positive articles are just not heard of as much as the quarreling forums of rabid independent editors that are drawing a crowd for blasting Apple products. Disliking something about Apple is ever in vogue. Well, I hope to be above such simple-minded trendiness, and find out for myself what FCP X is really made of.

Starting tomorrow, I’m aiming to produce my first video ever in X. It’ll be put to professional use from day one in my workflow. Do I expect to encounter some bumps along the way? I’d be a fool if I didn’t. I will soon see just what to make of the FCP backlash, and whether X is or isn’t as professional as everyone is debating. I’ll keep you posted!