FCP X Does Care about Professional Filmmakers

As noted in this article by HD MAgazine:

That isn’t really the point, though. It’s a beta, and it will work one day soon. What’s important is that many people have claimed that Apple are abandoning the ‘professional’ market – yet surely broadcast I/O is only useful to professionals? I’m sure it’s not trivial to include this support in the software, which demonstrates a willingness on Apple’s part to address the concerns of those working in broadcast and other ‘high-end’ post-production.

As I’ve figured all along, Apple is taking there time, whenever possible, to build incremental improvements into the all-new FCP X. This way, they choose to build the best way to perform any task giving FCP X a state-of-the-art user interface and quality performance. This takes time. It’s will take time to see all the missing professional tools return to X, but when they do, they will undoubtedly rival the tools of Avid and Premiere.

It’s just like when Apple incrementally adds features and seemingly basic functions to their iOS devices. Sometimes they are late to the party. Cut, Copy, and Paste functions weren’t in the iPhone for a long time. Many critics just figured that Apple was stupid and without sense. “Of course we all want Copy and Paste. Apple’s developers are idiots,” so the criticism went. But when Steve Jobs demonstrated the Copy and Paste tools they implemented to the iPhone (again, seemingly late to the party) it was apparent that Apple took their time to introduce these tools till they found the best user experience possible to implement these functions.

It is important to Apple that the functions their devices and apps do are as thought-through as possible. This I respect, and hope Apple will continue to be so thoughtful and progressive.