Improving versus Proving

It’s important to recognize that many professionals throughout their careers are more focused on proving themselves than improving themselves. Those that aim to prove something, like their already established self-worth, are doomed. They are not attempting to mature and further their education. They are less interested in trying new things, or learning how things were designed to work.

This doesn’t work because they stifle themselves. They will fall into a rut and not keep up with technology and streamlined forms of productive culture-making.

My kind of people are those that improve upon themselves. I like it when I see people tackling something new; growing out of their comfort zone. This is what we all face if we want to find satisfaction in our lives. Repetition is comfortable, but breaking new ground is gratifying. It’s the desire for the new and different, that when it is committed, we experience the process of exercising our place as leaders adventurers.