How to: Hard Refresh in Mac’s Safari Web Browser

What “they say” to do: This is one of those things… If you let a PC user tell you what to do, he would say, “Hold the Shift key and click the refresh button,” and that PC user would be wrong. I’ve been doing it that way for years in Safari, and never realized that this performs no more than a soft refresh, like clicking the refresh button without holding any key down.

I looked it up this morning because I was curious. I figured the PC users were right, but now I know better. Mac always has its own way of doing things—I should have known better.

So, here’s how you do it: To do a hard refresh in Safari, hold down the Option key, and click the refresh button. Here’s my source. If that’s not enough, this one too.

And, if you’re skeptical—because this method isn’t described in the HelpViewer (the built-in OS user manual)—and want assurance that it most definitely has performed a hard refresh, use this guide here. This other method should put away all doubts. This is a more “hands on” approach to empty your cache, then refresh.

As for the second option, this one does clear the cache undoubtedly, but does anyone know for certain a keyboard command that would do the trick to remove the extra step? Please share in a comment, if you do.