Challenge Accepted: I Will *Only* Use Search in Evernote!

This is Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4 coming soon

Apple’s upcoming new Mac OS Notes application coming with Mountain Lion got me thinking: there’s really no way to organize the notes users create. Observe:

The image above is from Apple’s webpage promoting the upcoming Mountain Lion. It’s a good idea to offer the same Notes app on the iOS for the Mac OS, and have them sync through iCloud. But will people find it all that usable?

The biggest problem that I can see is that people accustomed to dragging and dropping and categorizing their files and creating folders will see this as a joke. Apple provides just one way to sift through your notes: the Search bar. If you don’t remember what the note contained, then you must not have needed that note. ;-)

Seeing as how organizationally stifling this is, most pro-users of Mac desktops will see this app is inferior to other apps, like Evernote. I think they’re right.

On the other hand, if Apple’s right, and people could get over their OCD natures wanting to mindlessly and endlessly organize notes, then could this be a real time-saver? Could search do it all, and help you to get what you need all the time?

Seeing as how I have all my notes in Evernote, I thought it would be ridiculous to propose using Evernote in this way—holding it back and keeping some of the greatest organizational features at bay.

And because it seemed so inconvenient, I simply have to see if I can live with organization of notes this way: all my notes strictly searchable—stripping away the notebook categories, tags, etc.

So, challenge accepted! Here goes nothing. Over the next month, I will chronicle 30 days of Evernote without its powerful features at use, and solely run Evernote with search; no better than Apple’s Notes app organization.

Here’s my Evernote before I ditched the notebooks and tags:

And here is Evernote after:

Gutsy, I know. That’s what I do. Now, We’ll see how backwards it really is to use notes the Apple way. Evernote is the guinea pig for this summer’s release of Notes.

Search Bar, be there for me now in my time of serious need….