An Interview with Cargo-Bot’s Rui Viana

Rui Viana is the first man to build an original iOS game solely coded on an iPad and see his app game make a significant splash on the App Store:

By day he works as a programmer on Wall Street. In his free time, Viana built Cargo-Bot not with a traditional computer and the iOS SDK, but with an iPad using another iPad app called Codea, and the result was the first iOS game available in the App Store actually created on the iOS platform.

What’s really impressive is the overnight sensation Rui’s game has become. Considering that this is the first time a game was solely created using an iPad for programming, it’s as though lightening struck twice in the same place.

Rui comments on the surprise of Cargo-Bot’s success:

I was. I was hoping it would get a thousand, so it surprised me a little bit. It was mostly targeted for people who are quantitative — programmers, engineers, math people. They seem to really enjoy it. Some people said it coudl be good for kids, I thought it would be a hard game, but it’s visual so some people said their kids got into it so that was unexpected and was cool as well. »

Inspiring. This is all possible because the Apple’s App Store fosters creativity.