Will iOS 6 Ditch Google Maps in Favor of Apple’s Own Solution?

Apple has widely been rumored to introduce their own solution over the years with the acquisition of Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9, which is plenty more than enough technology to create their own mapping solution. According to “trusted sources,” that could be exactly what we’ll see when iOS 6 hits the streets later this year…

Interesting… Seems possible, even though there is no official word from Apple….

… a complete rewrite of the current Maps app, using C3 Technologies-based street view and what’s described as “a powerful new 3D mode.” “The 3D mode does not come enabled by default, but users simply need to click a 3D button that is conveniently and visibly stored in the app,” the report reveals. “Perhaps under the fold like the current traffic, pin, and map view buttons. This 3D mode is said to essentially be technology straight from C3 Technologies: beautiful, realistic graphics based on de-classified missile target algorithms.” »

Now you lost me, Bookwalter. This is far too complicated for Apple’s taste.

When Apple makes a map solution of their own, they will avoid the privacy invasions that would come with the street view features. Apple doesn’t want to be perceived like Google has become due in part for the invasive street cameras used to get those 3D maps.

Still, I don’t doubt Apple will eventually provide a solution of their own style.