Use Skala to Preview App Designs for iDevices

I love a good detail-oriented app for iOS. I discovered this one today, thanks to The app is Skala, and it’s just what I’ve needed for my current iOS app design projects.

Skala is a designer’s best friend for the iPhone and iPad. Skala let’s you quickly preview your graphics work in an iOS device simulator on your computer (with the purchasable app from the Mac App Store). Additionally, the iPad and iPhone versions let you see what you’re working on from the computer in almost real-time (the iOS version of the app is free).

While your desktop still shows a preview of the image plus size information, you can do various cool and useful things with it on your mobile device. When viewing your images, every single pixel can be investigated by zooming in with even higher magnification, but Skala View can zoom in up to 1600% (4 times higher magnification than with Screenshot Journal), and it still sharply displays every detail of your design; any small or big pixel mistake will be visible. I believe that these features can help in growing your care and attention for perfect designs.

Any app could have come along to do what Skala does, but no other has. What I especially appreciate I’ve saved to tell you last:

Additionally, designers at Bjango care a lot about colorblind people: with a tap on the glasses symbol you can test your design and its effect on people with protanopia, deuteranopia, tritanopia, or complete color blindness. The colors will change to fit the visual situation people with these disorders have to cope with, and you will see if your design would still be usable in terms of contrast and recognition of different elements. When you’re done with the investigation process and satisfied with the results, you can share it via Twitter, send it as a mail attachment, or save it to your device’s Camera Roll. All these features worked about seamlessly on my iPod touch 3rd Gen, as only choosing one of those three sharing options using the pop-up selector panel took a bit longer to load. »

Absolutely great. I think about the color blind all the time, and it annoys me when designers do not. Another real treat of Skala are the vivid colors contrasted with the dull, gloomy interface frames, as Lukas Hermann mentions in his review. From a designer standpoint, it’s a refreshing take on an old design issue. Most apps go with too much gloom and straight-laced monochromes, or they infuse much too much color and vivacious eye-candy liveliness with busy prime-colored icons and buttons. This is a good balance that Skala has produced.

I eagerly expect an update for the iOS version that supports Retina Display, and then the app will be complete.