Survey Results: Boredom is the Top Reason People Play Mobile Games

MocoSpace surveyed gamers to learn why they game on their mobile devices.

  • 34%: The games are fun.
  • 32%: I’m bored, so I kill time.
  • 10%: I like to compete.
  • 9%: To meet new people.
  • 6%: To try something new.
  • 3%: I’m always on the go.
  • 3%: To flirt.
  • 2%: Connect with my friends.
  • Less than 1%: Connect with my family.

What I wanna know is how do you flirt while gaming? Is it like they do it in World of Warcraft (How I Met Your Mother reference)? People really do that?

While the old person in me (at a spritely 34 years old) would love to criticize students for playing games on their mobile devices instead of actually paying attention, I do realize that I would have been doing the exact same thing if I had an iPhone or iPad in school. So it’s probably good I didn’t. »

Irresponsibility scores.