The iTunes Music Festival is Scheduled for 2012

This year’s iTunes Music Festival is scheduled to begin September 1 in London and run 30 nights. The festival is a celebration of iTunes and since the tickets are free, a way for Apple to give back to its customers.

First held in 2007, the iTunes Festival is sponsored by Apple and held at London’s historic The Roundhouse in North London. Past performers have included Adele, Paul Simon, and Amy Winehouse.

For 2012, Apple expects to include 60 artists including One Direction, Usher, and Norah Jones. Plus, as in past years, for those that can’t attend the event live, each show will be presented live for a limited time on your computer with iTunes, or on your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad with the iTunes Festival app. »

I didn’t know Apple sponsor their very own music festival. I guess I should have though, because they 1.1 million “likes” on Facebook for the event. Cool.