The Cost and Construction of Apple Products

This is what the Apple iPhone charger looks like with the iPhone 4SPeople get it in their heads that one way or another Apple is really out to over-price their products and rob people blind. No one stops to consider a world with cheap Apple products, like we saw throughout the 1990s till Steve returned to Apple.

One Apple tech geek chose to find out what was on the inside of Apple’s seemingly over-priced iPhone charger.

Shirriff found that there’s a reason for at least part of the premium price tag, and that’s the use of quality components. To quote Shirriff’s conclusions,

Apple’s power adapter is clearly a high-quality power supply designed to produce carefully filtered power. Apple has obviously gone to extra effort to reduce EMI interference, probably to keep the charger from interfering with the touchscreen. When I opened the charger up, I expected to find a standard design, but I’ve compared the charger to the Samsung charger and several other high-quality industry designs, and Apple goes beyond these designs in several ways… TUAW »

The truth is Apple aims to put this sort of high-quality manufactering ahead of making expendable and low-priced gadgets in all that they produce. Apple is about only the best they can afford to make available in their gadgets in mass quantities at this time—unlike many tech companies that are out to sell at bottom-dollar prices cheap and and poorly-engineered products.

As Jony Ive puts it:

“We’re keenly aware that when we develop and make something and bring it to market that it really does speak to a set of values. And what preoccupies us is that sense of care, and what our products will not speak to is a schedule, what our products will not speak to is trying to respond to some corporate or competitive agenda. We’re very genuinely designing the best products that we can for people.” Read more »

If Jony Ive said it, I believe it. There’s something so sincere about the man that what he said must be true. No kidding. The man is so real… I guess I believe in the quality of Apple’s products without seeing their metal and plastic guts ripped out.

Not to mention that in my nineteen years of experience using Apple products they have only been good to me (when they weren’t stolen).