Find My Friends Isn’t Creepy Unless…

Find My Friends app iconAlthough the skeuomorphic design of some other apps might feel like they’re there for no apparent reason, that’s not the case with Find My Friends. Instead, it’s likely that it was given its particular leathery look because it felt more familiar and comforting to users who were going to be dabbling in something almost inherently ‘creepy’: tracking their friends and family. TNW »

What’s so creepy about inviting your friends to opt into a selective group of location sharing? Find My Friends, I believe, is an un-sung hero for social engagement of our times.

Facebook, which assumes the role of recorder of your life, and Google likewise, are infinitely more creepy than the likes of Apple’s Find My Friends. Yet we give these other not-so safe organizations ever so much more information about us than our location.

FMF is completely free from ads. You only connect with people you invite or receive an invitation from. You can limit which hours of the day they can know of your whereabouts. You can even assign the shared place for the specific duration of a special event (a trip to Disney World, or that weekend conference with the leaders of your small company…). It’s location sharing at it’s best, IMHO.

I think it’s only creepy if there’s a little bit of a creep within you to misplace creepy thoughts.