Why aren’t Developers Charging for App Store App Updates?

The Coda 2 iPad App Icon I completely agree that the App Store needs paid upgrades. I also think we’re past the point where we could say that this is just something that Apple has not tackled yet but they’ll get to it eventually. It’s been too long. AppStorm »

I believe that Apple has addressed the upgrade issue, yet bloggers and pundits keep bringing it up.

The App Store already has paid upgrades for various apps. Developers have plenty of options to make money on updated apps, and if they are not using these methods, then they don’t believe the app updates they to date permit customers pay for them.

Coda 2 is a good example. The developers released Coda 2 very recently. Since it is the only way to update or upgrade from Coda (the 1st version), users are purchasing Coda 2 and leaving Coda behind. The original Coda is not available in the App Store any longer.

Coda 2 costs $74.99. Obviously, the money out of pocket from users is significant, yet users are raving about Coda 2, and don’t mind paying for this significant upgrade.

Nothing is wrong as it is now with the App Store’s means to sell significant updates for older established apps. This is just another unfounded complaint critics pose against Apple when they are eager to appear unlike Apple fanboys.