The Nest Smart Thermostat Points to a Future of Learning Machines

This is what the Nest Thermostat looks like on the front

Not to be too dramatic, but I think this is the most important move ever for a next-generation digital thermostat. Most consumers don’t care a lick about their thermostat and most thermostats are not ever programmed, which leads to major inefficiencies and wasted home energy. If Nest can make its learning thermostat a cool and coveted item (like the iPhone), it could change consumers’ relationships with thermostats and home energy and could lead to significant reductions in home energy consumption. GigaOM »

I think you are a bit too dramatic there, but this is a great device, and one that will bless many households.

It is a sign of a future where cars, doors, lighting, and the like will on be controlled via an automated but learning system. This is what excites me—devices that learn our habits.

For instance, wouldn’t it be cool if your Macbook knew when you turn it on every day based on your morning routine? What if your coffeemaker knew to remind you to prep the water and a new filter full of coffee each night before you went to bed? Yeah, that would excite me. We may not see a real C-3PO anytime soon, but we are getting learning machines.

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