The New Vimeo Music Store + Enhancer Boosts Independent Filmmaking

Vimeo's music store icon/ trademarkVimeo has always focused on bringing the highest-quality experience to online videos and its emphasis on quality separates itself from YouTube. Now, with the Enhancer tool and a new partnership, Vimeo builds on that reputation by making it easier to add a soundtrack to an already uploaded video, change audio levels, and change the start and end times of a track.

The company also has added a new music partner with SmartSound that will let users add about 4,000 customizable tracks to their videos. The offering is unique in that you can do a lot to change the mood of SmartSound track, including speed it up, slow it down, or change the musical arrangement. SmartSound tracks cost $1.99 per track for a personal use license and $19.99 per track for a commercial license. VentureBeat »

I’m very eager to use Vimeo’s music tools for my video productions, and perhaps some podcasts. I know from experience finding great music for independent projects at a great price can be a challenge. Vimeo just made this as easy as pie—if not a lot easier, really.

I especially appreciate that you can download the music when you buy tracks—unlike YouTube where it’s adds the music to the uploaded video file. YouTube doesn’t give you the option to add it into your project in a professional video editor on your computer.

It’s such a “duh” as an independent to take advantage of Vimeo’s offering, even if you don’t especially use Vimeo to upload your content.