Twelve South Tells Their Story, And Why They Are So In Like With Apple

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“Every time I’d walk into an Apple Store, I’d see heaps of ‘Mac-compatible’ accessories,” says co-founder Andrew Green. “Mac users don’t want compatible. They want exclusive.” Twelve South made the commitment to serve Apple users on their own terms, keeping his company small and focused for exactly that reason, and that’s partly why Twelve South has seen so much success with its products. TUAW »

I’m a big fan of Twelve South myself. My wife proudly uses the BookBook as her iPhone’s case. She always gets compliments for it. Every time I’ve seen consumers in an Apple store, or somewhere else that has a Twelve South product, inevitably the people are attracted to it.

Twelve South is here to create beautifully designed accessories exclusively for Apple computers. We know Mac users. We are Mac users. We feel it’s time to stop settling for PC accessories that are painted white and passed off as “Mac compatible.” Our company is here to focus on Apple accessories exclusively. Twelve South »

I added the emphasis. There is something to be said in favor of making products that are so ubiquitous to Apple’s standard of care and precision. Twelve South offers proof that not only Apple can turn out high quality tech gear that consumers will love.