Good to Know: Gamers are Getting a Real Controller for the iPad & iPhone

This is the black Snakebyte iDroid controller

The Snakebyte iDroid controller

“We are thrilled to present the incredible snakebyte idroid:con to all Android and iOS gamers,” said Mike Steup, Managing Director of Sunflex Europe. “This controller reflects our already existing innovations in the gaming sector in the mobile and Android™/iOS™ market. The controller fulfills any gamers’ demand for perfect handling, functionality as well as compatibility and it lets you play games on your Android and iOS platform the way they were meant to be played when they were first created.” Cult of Mac »

I like gaming with the iPhone and iPad as they are; controller-free. But I can see this being helpful when playing games, say, with the iPad on the AppleTV.

If you didn’t know, you can share what you’re playing on an iPhone or iPad on your television through the AppleTV. I know, it’s the coolest thing ever. When you do this, a lot of games turn the TV into the viewing screen, and the iDevice into a controller interface. It works, but it can be a challenge to learn.

Nothing beats having a real controller. So when you connect the controller to the iPad, let’s say, and the iPad to the AppleTV, then you have essentially everything you could ever ask for—equals with a console game.