The Visual Effects & UIs of ‘Tron: Legacy’

Nobody is perfect. And, after all, nobody knows what perfection is. But if anyone wanted to take a gander at some of the runner-ups for “perfection” in CGI and UI development from filmmaking history, Tron: Legacy’s would be recognized many times over.

The code of Encom OS 12 is compromised

The code of Encom OS 12 is compromised

And I know I’m not perfect because I loved this film. Every time I watch it I love it even more.

If you are fascinated with the visual effects of the film, and like behind-the-scenes stuff, then you got to check out this webpage by jtnimoy. He is the maker of some of the fantastic UI visuals that were cleverly programmed to actually run for the film. He shares lots of nerdy details.

Kevin manipulates the code to bring Clu to "end of line"

Kevin at the Portal initiates the beginning of the end