WWDC: Live Blog Coverage from Around the Web

Apple WWDC logo for 2012

UPDATE: The event has ended. I will post a link to where you can watch the video online once it becomes available.

It’s that day we’ve all been losing sleep over. Apple will announce our summer Christmas presents this afternoon (of course, you’ll have to pay for some of those presents). In the spirit of geekness, and wanting to be well-informed while the keynote is happening, here is a listing of the top sources I’d recommend you get  your coverage of the event today:

Apple Insider







UPDATE: MacStories.net coverage is available too

The live blogging starts at 1:00 PM EST.

Let me know if there is a source elsewhere you prefer to get your coverage (apart from being at the event). Sometimes these live blog feeds freeze up, so it helps to find the most reliable sources and keep refreshing the page if it appears the show came to a screeching halt right after Tim Cook says “Good afternoon” to start at 1:00.


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