Apple Has a Plan

WWDC 2012 Apple bannerSome people are ecstatic about Apple’s announcements in the WWDC Keynote. Others are frustrated that Apple didn’t deliver the updates for hardware and apps they had anticipated. Here’s the thing:

Does the assumption go that Apple isn’t going to eventually deliver the features you have your heart set on?

That’s a horrible assumption, if you ask me. Apple is steadily releasing updates that rock the world of Apple products. The Mac OS, iOS 6, Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs… The list is staggering how efficient and timely Apple’s updates are this summer.

Of course, with so many important and timely updates at WWDC, some updates were setback—not ignored, nor were they passed up entirely.

For instance, the Mac Pro got a minor update that Apple didn’t care to announce in the keynote at their event. Their web store offered the updated model yesterday afternoon. That update is sorely disappointing to some video professionals. However, we have it on good word from at least two authorities at WWDC today that Apple has every intention of revamping the Mac Pro and releasing the new model in 2013.

Apple had to rank their to-dos. Had they setback iOS 6, or Mac OS Mountain Lion, or even the Macbook Pro with Retina Display (of course, they never would’ve, but let’s imagine), they would have greatly disappointed many Apple users across the board.

So, does another assumption arise? Let’s see:

If Apple was, or is, going to deliver a great new iThingOfMagicalConception (replace that name with the product that is missing you care about) then they could’ve done it at WWDC 2012.

I’m sorry to step on your ignorance, but Apple doesn’t have infinite resources.

For instance, there is only one Jony Ive. When he and his limited team of designers are working on a new—revolutionary—Macbook Pro with Retina Display that is as thin as a Macbook Air, they don’t have time to design an all-new Mac Pro in the same season. And while Apple’s programming engineers are feverishly trying to build a version of Final Cut Pro X that supports a Retina Display, they may not get to the other features you want in the pro-level video editor in time for WWDC.

Apple pursues greatness as best as they know possible. They have to satisfy the needs and wants of the many. Apple is not infinite in resources and staff. They have a plan for the next several years laid out (according to various sources that interview Apple executives and Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography).

I don’t think that we have to worry. Apple will release the goods we want all in good time. Not only that, but they are giving us products we couldn’t have hoped for, like a Retina displayed Macbook.

PS: In a rare moment, I’m open to comments. I’d like to read your thoughts, and concerns, if any.