Changes to the U.I. Design in iOS 6

iOS 6 is available for developers, and they are showing off some of the program changes Apple announced. On the other hand, Designers are highlighting the incremental adjustments to the graphics, and the introduction of new graphic designs in, say, the all-new Maps app. Designers, grab a bag of popcorn, curl up in your desk chair, and enjoy the tour of the varying changes in U.I. for iOS 6.


Not that many of these changes matter to users, but each change matters to us designers. Apple’s changes reflect the movement of Apple mobile app culture. Designers look for inspiration from Apple’s designs, and sometimes they deliberately set out to make a departure from Apple’s designs. In any case, Apple’s graphics continuously raise the bar challenging designers to make gorgeous and intuitive designs in their apps.

What I find most notable are the changes that would not seem to matter, like the blackened look to the toolbars in the Camera app, and the less-pointed arrow hands on the Clock app icon. Little things like these are the nuances designers think through meticulously; endeavoring to refine and draw nearer to perfection even in the most subtle ways.