My All-time Favorite iPod Commercial


It’s not very often that a commercial makes a profound impression on me—even from Apple. In this rare instance, we have a commercial that I think really tells an interesting story, at least in the way my mind puts a spin on it.

The song in the commercial is Bruises, by Chairlift. The song is about a girl and guy. The girl tried to do hand stands for the guy—anything for him to enjoy each other—even if it meant she would get grass stains on her new jeans and bruises on her elbows. She did it all for the guy, and she would do it again, all for him.

And the guy, did what he could to help the girl—even though she may not have understood that he was trying care for her bruises. It’s a sappy, but moving, love story.


I feel that this story is/was a metaphor for Apple and their consumers. The commercial’s voice was the voice of Apple, saying “I fell for you, and every time I fell… I did it for you.”

That was Apple’s way of saying they worked very hard to bring the iPod to us because, well, they did it for us, and not for their own gratification alone.