The New ‘In Beta’ Podcast from 5by5

The 'In Beta' podcast show logoI haven’t watched broadcast TV in years. The further I move into an all-web-based-media-centered life, the more I’m thirsting for great content and great delivery. The web is especially good in the former, but not-so much in the latter. There are some fun and informative YouTube shows… and the TWIT network, if that’s your thing. It’s not mine. I’m still looking for quality content+finesse that I can sink my eyes and ears into.

Meet In Beta, one of the latest podcasts presented by the 5by5 network. Gina Trapani and Kevin Purdy are two like-minded tech enthusiasts that stomp out boring and monotonous delivery (meaning, they don’t do those things). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the second episode and just subscribed to the series. Episode 3 is expected this week, so start listening while their program is young.

And while I’m thinking about it, the 5by5 network consistently produces some of the best podcasts to be had—one way or another their shows are all about tech, of course. The shows are generally thought-through and very mentally stimulating. My favorites are Mac Power Users, Back to Work, and now In Beta. If your driving commute could use an audio listening experience refresh, or if you want something of substance to listen to while you fold laundry and put away the dishes, these are your shows.