On the Prospect of Getting an Apple Designed Podcast App

Podcast icon or app iamgeIt’s important to keep in mind that, if Apple were to provide a new platform for Internet audio and video producers, they’d likely want to see a revenue opportunity to at least break even and cover the costs of offering a better experience. With Newsstand, Apple got several publishers (including Time) on board with the revenue cut business model whilst providing an integrated solution to the end user. With podcasts on iOS, there is certainly room for improvement — but it has to make sense for Apple too, not just the developers and end users. MacStories »

Good point. Ping didn’t necessarily make money for Apple though. I know it’s not been a huge hit, but what if it were? Ping ultimately pointed back to their music for sales in iTunes, but those are indirect sales at best.

For podcasting, I think it could work similarly. If you discover podcasts, that often means you’re getting exposed to sponsors that sell a lot of apps or movies or TV shows and the like in the iTunes store. So a podcast app, like Ping is to music, could encourage sales in other ways.