Apple Has Dominion Over Computers

iPad 2 laying downJohn Gruber writes persuasively about the leadership Apple has taken in the computing market:

This, it’s now clear, was correct. If anything, it was understated — Apple is now the strongest and most successful company in the world, across any and all industries.

If not for the iPad — imagine, for a moment, that the company still to this day had not shipped a tablet — Apple would still be thriving, based on huge (and hugely profitable) iPhone sales and the Mac’s steady continuing growth (six years of consecutive quarterly growth ahead of the overall PC industry). But it was the iPad that pushed Apple over the top. The iPhone suggested Apple would dominate pocket computing. The iPad suggests Apple will dominate computing, period. Daring Fireball »

I’m so glad as a life-long Apple user to see this day finally come. I’ve always felt that Apple cares about people and machines more than the ‘almighty’ dollar.

I think that whether people new to Apple and their products perceive this to be true depends on whether they continue to use Apple stuff as I have. Honestly, Apple just does so many things right that when they make a mistake I believe the problem was truly beyond their control, and I forgive them without a moment’s notice. When other tech companies make mistakes it looks like they were just being careless.