Traffic from Mobile Safari Outweighs Android Web Browsing

Web developers preparing their sites for web surfers may not be concerned with how their sites look in Safari on a Mac, but when it comes to mobile browsers they had better pay attention.

It is no secret that Apple’s Internet browser offering, Safari, is one of the best and easiest mobile browsers to use. I do not care what any Mozilla engineer has to say. It is fast and sleek, and it gets the simple, daily browsing done. That being said, I think iOS numbers are so high because iOS users can comfortably browse. Sure, that could all change with Google Chrome on both iOS and Android, but I seriously doubt it will make that big of an impact.

It’s highly doubtful that consumers will even know Chrome is available on the iPhone and iPad until they come upon online advertising from Google. That is to say, an insignificant number of iPhone users will use and recommend Chrome as a go-to mobile browser on iDevices.

As for the almost 15 percent year-over-year increase, I would contribute that to huge sales of iOS devices—particularly the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S saw a great start in Apple’s fiscal Q1 by selling a record 37 million devices. Combine that with sales of the new iPad, we are talking about a sizable amount of customers using iOS for the first time and contributing to web marketshare numbers. Moreover, I think we will see a bigger jump as iOS 6 and the launch of the new iPhone come about this fall. Perhaps an even bigger jump will come about if Apple launches a 7-inch iPad, giving users a completely different type of mobile consumption. 9to5Mac

Please… if there is to be a 7-inch iPad it will not offer a “completely different” web browsing experience from the 9-inch iPad.

Even so, consumers that have web access everywhere they go are using mobile Facebook far more often than the computer web browser version of Facebook’s site. Mobile browsing is not only a competition between mobile Safari and mobile Chrome. Mobile browsing is quickly gaining on computer web browsing.