Revolutionize Your Address Book Experience with Cobook

Many can’t tolerate the changes to Address Bookthat came with Mac OS X Lion. Mountain Lion is going to tweak the Address Book, with the most notable change being it will be renamed “Contacts.” Without a go-to awesome address book solution in sight for Mac OS, it’s been up to the users to grin and bear the stifling limitations — until now.

Cobook exceeds all expectations

I’m not the first to sing its praises. Cobook is a new contacts book; one that you need to give a try for a week. You know those new apps that come along once in a blue moon that revolutionize your workflow? Yeah, Cobook should be one of them.


When it comes to my contacts I’m not especially interested in paying money to improve my situation. I stick to the limited and frustrating solution Apple offers simply because other apps at a price are calling my name. But Cobook is free, so I have no excuse not to give it a try. Neither do you.

Some of my favorite Cobook features

As you so choose in setup, Cobook will integrate with your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn account info. This is not a feature everyone will like, but it serves its purpose well. This means you eliminate manually keeping track of your contact info. When your network of email addresses and phone numbers change, you will get automatic updates in Cobook on your Mac.

When you setup Cobook for the first time, you can choose to update your Address Book’s contacts with the latest info from Facebook, or, you can choose to have all of your connections on Facebook added to your Mac’s Address Book. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into this. Lesser developers would have only offered to add all Facebook connections. I chose to only update the contacts I have in my Address Book with Facebook’s data.

And Cobook co-exists with your Mac’s Address Book. What you have in Address Book is shared in Cobook, and vice versa. Update the one and the other reflects all of your most-recent changes. It’s a piece of cake.

Cobook is the app/button/icon on the far left of my Menu Bar:

The interface of Cobook is where it needs some work, but still outweighs its cons with its pros. It rests in your Menu Bar. The right side of my bar has all of the great utilities that I use to accelerate my workflows. Cobook is my latest addition to the row of small black-on-white utilities. You interface with Cobook from the Menu Bar. Simply click on the miniature icon button, or learn a keyboard shortcut to call open its contacts dropdown menu.

The last trait I want to point out is Cobook smartly navigates your contacts by search alone. It’s an intelligent navigation choice, and one that’s enhanced with controls unique to Cobook. It’s carefully laid out to solve many shortcomings of search in Mac’s Address Book.

My many thanks are in order to the developers Kaspars Dancis and Janis Dancis for breathing new life into a dusty part of my day-to-day business communications.