Kevin Rose’s Yard Sale of the 27-inch Thunderbolt Display

I was just about to turn off the lights in my office. The time was 5:57 PM when my wife texted me she was on her way to pick me up.

That was when I glanced up at my Twitter feed on my Mac one last time while my hands were busy tucking my iPad back into my messenger bag. Amidst the various conversations from my main feed, Kevin Rose had tweeted twice:

Instantly I thought if I only had $500 in the spending account… Oh well, it’s probably already sold.

I clicked on the shortlink anyway to get more details more out of curiosity than a shopper’s spirit. What is @getyardsale, I wondered.

Low and behold, I was instantly impressed.

In a flash, I saw that Kevin had not yet sold his display. Since it was obviously worth well over $500, I was now shriveling up inside as I watched this opportunity slip through my fingers. I paused there absorbing the moment for another ten seconds studying the webpage, then I hit refresh in my web browser.

Rather than feel remorse, I was marvelling. I instantly knew: I have to download this Yard Sale app. Yard Sale was where Kevin posted the sale of his practically new Thunderbolt Display in the first place.

Yard Sale works like a cross between Instagram and eBay, but without auctions and the added complexity that comes with eBay. It’s an iPhone app where you post stuff you want to sell. You can share the offer you’re making online like Kevin did, or let other Yard Sale app users discover it… From there, buyers may give you a counter offer, or accept what you’re asking for it.

Adding a sell of your own is nearly as easy as sharing photos on Instagram. And your whole buy/sell experience in Yard Sale begins and ends on your iPhone.

This is the most exciting shopping experience I’ve had since eBay came out with their recent iPad app, and that pales in comparison. But not just because it’s another way to buy and sell stuff — it’s almost ‘insanely great’ in of how well it worked on me.

Yard Sale clearly does what it was designed to do.