Recruitment Video Presentations for Apple Headquarters and Apple Stores

I visited Apple headquarters in September last year. The spirit of the staff in this video is consistent with the personnel all over Apple’s large campus. Apple has not shared this inside story before, so it’s a new look at life, as much as work, at Apple HQ.

I’ve noticed some things Apple has done this year would seem uncharacteristic of an Apple led by Steve. I believe some people might think this video is insincere, or that Apple would not produce such a promotional video if Steve were still around. The truth, however, is that Steve was leading Apple when they produced another video similar to the one above back in 2010:

As a independent filmmaker, I enjoyed watching these two videos from a technical standpoint. I see where even the videographers responsible for these videos have made noticeable improvements in the   years in their craft. Of course, these videos are addressing two separate worlds of Apple. Headquarters for Apple is nothing like an Apple Store work environment.

But some might think these videos are misleading. I know Apple fans and PC fans that can be hyper judgmental. One friend of mine is working on the team that is developing Internet Explorer. You can only imagine what sort of criticism he hears.

I believe it’s fair to believe the testimonies in these videos are true. If we have been cause to doubt such infomercials, it’s not from Apple. We have reason to doubt the honesty of videos like these when it becomes public Microsoft and other tech titans stage their videos from time to time. Apple, at its core, isn’t like the others. I really believe that. Does this mean Apple has all like-minded “perfect” people working for them? No. What it does mean is that Apple’s standards are insanely great, and these people interviewed represent the best and brightness — the role models.