Announcing the Release of MovieByte

I’m excited to announce that I have joined TJ Draper to host the new MovieByte podcast. It’s available on iTunes and online.

Movies are fun. I reviewed them once as a host for Movieology. We had a good run reviewing films over the course of 2011. The reason Movieology was postponed indefinitely (since January 2012) is that our small studio staff had to divert their attentions to other productions. We have intended to reboot ever since, and now is our opportunity to do so.

MovieByte is run by TJ Draper and myself as a review and podcast website for Liberty Alliance. Let me preface by saying I am Creative Director at LA. That said, LA is very kind to host and support everything for the podcast and website. Of course, any new venture is a labor of love and requires personal sacrifices too. TJ and I have devoted countless hours to create MovieByte and get it launched.

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