Momentous Occasion: Jiving Jackalope Moves to Squarespace!

You have been following the site faithfully on WordPress for sometime now, and I kindly want to invite you to the Jackalope’s new home not on WordPress. Starting today, you can get full posts on the Squarespace version. In addition to the move you will see there are some new features, like the Facebook fan page, and an email newsletter.

A screen shot of the Squarespace version of Jiving Jackalope

A similar look and feel, but it jives a lot more.

Why the move?, where I’ve hosted this site since 2008, has served me well. As my understanding of blogging developed, I chose not to become a coder or web developer. Rather, I want to focus on the content, but if I’m to have the control of the site that I seek, Squarespace is the best solution. I have a lot more customization features there that a designer, such as myself, can wrap his mind around. Squarespace lets me control much more of the site without needing to learn any web languages.

What you like about Jiving Jackalope is only getting refinement. The new site is packed with several improvements:

  • No more ads of any kind
  • Larger text and margins for better readability
  • A not-so lousy search engine
  • A distinct date stamp group posts together by day
  • Navigate the Archive by categories of the entries
  • Quotations are more readable in the Helvetica font type*
  • An all-new share button menu with more share options

What I’m particularly excited to create is the all-new email newsletter. When it’s ready in July, I will share via email the collection of most popular entries in a weekly syndication. And I give you my most solemn oath never to abuse your contact information. I will not post more than once weekly, and the topics will strictly be new content from Jiving Jackalope. Frankly, I don’t have time to span you. I can’t wait to show you what the newsletter will look like and feature. I’ve been cooking ideas for it for awhile.

I’ll continue to support this version of Jiving Jackalope and update the content here for the next few months to be sure all J.J. followers are made aware of the transition. I want to be sure everyone is well-aware of the move before I pull the plug at WordPress. I know a lot of you follow the site with WordPress tools, and I’ve enjoyed engaging topics with you through WordPress. I trust you will understand my site’s changes and join me at Squarespace. I’ll continue to keep up with y’all as well; I’m not abandoning my WordPress account.

If you want to suggest changes to the new site while it is still in beta, please be my guest! Use the new Contact page on the Squarespace version. And thank you for your continued support of this Jiving Jackalope and his master, Joseph.


* Except for older entries in the Archive that still use Courier like the WordPress version


Great App of the Week: Bartender

The Bartender iconBartender lets you organize your Menu Bar Apps, by hiding them, moving them to Bartenders Bar, or displaying the full menu bar, set options to have Menu Bar Apps show in the menu bar when they are updating, or have them always visible in Bartenders Bar. There are loads of ways to configure Bartender to perform as you wish. MacBartender »

I’m not a Menu Bar app-aholic, but Bartender could turn me into one. I hate clutter, so an app that will significantly reduce what I do have in my Menu Bar is something I wish Apple built into Mac OS.

Apple Makes $2 Billion a Year in iPad Smart Covers

Red® iPad Smart Cover“The majority of iPad users own one of these flexible accessories, which brings Apple in a $500m fortune each quarter,” he added.

So here you have Apple making $2 billion a year on Smart Covers. Meanwhile, there’s the competition — the likes of LG, Sony and Motorola — who can’t make $2 billion a year on their competing tablets. CultOfMac »

Hysterical. What a contrast. It blows iPad competitors to oblivion, IMHO.

Potato Daddy, A Mr. Potato Head Version of Big Daddy From BioShock

I won’t even pretend for an instant this was my creation. It is not, but I sure wish it was:

This is a Mr. Potato Head unlike any other

Click the photo for the full gallery at

Potato Daddy by Ginger Troll, a wonderful Mr. Potato Head version of Big Daddy from the video game BioShock»

I don’t even know what Bioshock is, and I think this is the coolest Mr. Potato Head ever.

Why aren’t Developers Charging for App Store App Updates?

The Coda 2 iPad App Icon I completely agree that the App Store needs paid upgrades. I also think we’re past the point where we could say that this is just something that Apple has not tackled yet but they’ll get to it eventually. It’s been too long. AppStorm »

I believe that Apple has addressed the upgrade issue, yet bloggers and pundits keep bringing it up.

The App Store already has paid upgrades for various apps. Developers have plenty of options to make money on updated apps, and if they are not using these methods, then they don’t believe the app updates they to date permit customers pay for them.

Coda 2 is a good example. The developers released Coda 2 very recently. Since it is the only way to update or upgrade from Coda (the 1st version), users are purchasing Coda 2 and leaving Coda behind. The original Coda is not available in the App Store any longer.

Coda 2 costs $74.99. Obviously, the money out of pocket from users is significant, yet users are raving about Coda 2, and don’t mind paying for this significant upgrade.

Nothing is wrong as it is now with the App Store’s means to sell significant updates for older established apps. This is just another unfounded complaint critics pose against Apple when they are eager to appear unlike Apple fanboys.