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Jiving Jackalope is written by Joseph Darnell. If you would like to support the life of Jiving Jackalope, subscribe to the Twitter feedRSS feed, or email notifications. Subscribe to the emails using the subscription field in the left side column. After you are following Jiving Jackalope, please visit and read the site regularly.

Joseph is a filmmaker, graphics designer, writer, app developer, et cetera. Joseph lives in Powder Springs, Georgia. If you really want to know Joseph better, check out his personality profile.

If it is Joseph you’re really after, he can also be found on

Joseph has a brother, Nathaniel Darnell. Sometimes people get them mixed up.

Looking Good

It’s is important to Joseph this site is professional. Use the Contact page if you spot an obvious mistake in the content or functionality (like the grammatical error in the sentence above). If the layout is messed up then you might be using a mobile browser? If so, I can’t help you. The WP theme used is not a responsive design that adjusts layout to mobile browsers. I’m a designer, not a coder or web developer. Get a real computer.